Jun 7, 2012

In this training we will analyze “70′s Style Room”. In this scene we use a Studio Light, using 3 V-Ray Lights as: primary, secondary and reflecion light. Also learn V-Ray materials and especially Dof effect with V-Ray Physical Camera.

Topics Covered

Create studio lighting with 3 V-Ray Lights
Create light herarchy
Balance intensity and temperature
Create different V-Ray Materials
Plastic, metal chrome, rubber
Download a pdf guide for simple materials
Control overexposure
Create different styles
Use V-Ray Physical camera
Create DOF effect
Use V-Ray Real Time
Balance f number and shutter speed
Use photoshop for postproduction
Create professional vintage effect
Create different vintage effects

More info:

Thanks to supplier
PS: This training not cover modeling, this training is about rendering lessons that you can follow with the videos and html files.





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