Mar 6, 2012

This is a Exterior Lighting Tutorial with 3ds max and vray, i will show you how to setup your lighting, camera, shaders and render, we will working with vray physical sun and physical camera, vray fur and 2sidedmtl, so let’s start it!

1.- My lighting solution is just a Vray Sun and Vray sky and this is the position of the sun and the settings:

2.- Also like always i used a vray physical camera with custom settings for the render and this is the setting:

3.- For the grass i have used Vray Fur with a Vray2sidedmtl and this is the setup for the Vray Fur:

And the settings for the Grass shader:

4.- And if you want to know the settings of the other materials here i show some of them:

5.-For the render settings i used the same settings from my previous
( remember you can OPTIMIZE your render settings, i did pay too much attention to this because i have a render farm, but you can have the same quality or better with lower subdivisions )

And like always i used Photoshop for to make some color correction and chromatic aberration and smart sharpen.

I hope that you like it and if you some doubts please comment, thanks for watching

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