Mar 19, 2012

CG-Architect V-Ray 2.0 New Feature Training Videos *Cgpersia Exclusive*

This tutorial covers

  • User Interface (VRay items in create menu, VFB improvements, VFB rollout EXR features)
  • Materials (VRayCarPaint, Dispersion, Dim distance, VRayDistanceTex, VRayHDRI with tiled OpenEXR, VRayMultiSubTex)
  • Render Elements (DRBucket, VRayLightSelect)
  • Lights (Directional Planar VRayLights, VRayLightLister, VRayLightMeter)
  • Cameras (ExposureControl, Stereoscopic Rig, Shademaps, LensEffects, Lens Analysis and distortion)
  • GI (Bi Directional Path Tracing, Retrace options in the Lightcache)
  • RT and RT GPU
  • Roundup of other improvements and minor features. Features.cgp.part1.rar Features.cgp.part2.rar Features.cgp.part1.rar Features.cgp.part2.rar Features.cgp.part1.rar Features.cgp.part2.rar

Special Thanks:

A prime example of why we are #1 (Team Work!)

  • To The people who donated towards this Tutorial.
  • To Max2000 for buying and A4monkey for helping out.
  • To The Russian cracker for his work on Mediaplayer
  • To ch0pper for recording and re encoding.

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